Winter sun holidays: Why you still need sunglasses

Sunglasses for Winter Sun holidays

We understand that as the UK gets colder, the prospect of going on holiday seems all the more appealing. You may think that, as your favourite holiday destination isn’t as hot as it is in peak summer, you don’t need sunglasses. However, winter sun can be just as harsh on your skin and eyes as summer sun. Make sure you include sunglasses in your list of winter sun holiday essentials. 

At Arlo Wolf, we have compiled this guide on the best winter sun outfits to wear and the best sunglasses to pair with the outfit, as well as the best destinations to visit to soak up the sun without overheating in a peak summer heatwave. 

Why it’s important to still wear sunglasses during winter

Winter sun may seem deceptively safer than summer sun, however that’s not actually the case. UV rays from the sun still reach your eyes and damage them, even in winter or when the sun is covered by clouds. It can also reflect off snow or rain and reach your eyes. That’s why it’s important to protect your eyes whenever you decide to take a holiday abroad, or spend a lot of time outside, even in the current gloom of the UK.

Our Arlo Wolf sunglasses will help to protect your eyes from any rogue sun rays, and will help to accentuate any style or outfit you decide to wear. 

Winter sun holiday fashion 

Despite the sun being out, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will warm you up. Therefore, winter sun fashion should include a few long sleeved shirts or some jeans just in case. For women, try a floaty maxi skirt or dress if the sun is out, and pack a cardigan or cotton jacket if it gets chilly. 

A light coloured pair of jeans and a t-shirt would also be a good option, paired with some sneakers or sandals. Remember sunscreen and an umbrella, should any rain decide to sneak up on you. As for the best sunglasses for winter sun, we’d recommend Chase Sun in Black for days when the sun is a bit stronger, or Brooklyn Sun in Gold for some extra protection on chillier days. 

For men, we’d recommend opting for a light coloured cotton t-shirt and shorts, paired with Chase Sun in Black or Brooklyn Sun in Silver. For a stylish yet protective look, pair Chase Sun in Gold with a denim jacket or cotton jumper on chillier days. 

The best destinations for a spot of winter sun

The Canary Islands

Situated just off the North Western coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are a very popular holiday spot. The Canary Islands can reach highs of 23° in winter, but make sure you check the weather forecast before heading to this destination! 


In winter, weather in Tenerife can also reach up to the low 20s, so it won’t leave you short of sun. It’s a great place to escape to, now that the UK has started getting colder. 


Although on the more expensive side due to its distance from the UK, Cancun remains a popular tourist paradise, and for good reason. Even in winter, this Mexican tourist hub reaches highs of 28-29°, so you’ll definitely need to remember your sunscreen and a pair of our stylish Arlo Wolf sunglasses. 

South Africa

This is a perfect destination spot to escape the cold winters of the UK, as in December this country reaches highs of up to 32°C, meaning you can be assured to catch some sun in this popular tourist spot. Although quite a distance from the UK, the wildlife, weather and beaches will make a trip to South Africa this autumn/winter worthwhile. Don’t forget your Arlo Wolf sunglasses!

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