Ray-Ban style glasses from Arlo Wolf!

Ray-Ban Style from Arlo Wolf

There’s no doubt that Ray-Ban is one of the most sought-after designer brands amongst glasses wearers. Their frames are a firm favourite, thanks to the variety of attractive styles on offer and the quality finish Add to that the instantly recognisable logo, their history of brilliance and their popularity amongst celebrities and influencers – it’s near impossible for other designer brands to compete with Ray-Ban’s popularity.

Whether you’re wishing for Wayfarer style specs or have ambitions of owning some Aviators, find out more about the classic Ray-Ban range and see our alternative Ray-Ban style glasses here.



The Wayfarer style has been on offer from Ray-Ban from as far back as 1956, having experienced booms of popularity over the years. Featuring a solid and sturdy frame, Wayfarer glasses provide a classic look that’s almost effortless.

Wayfarer glasses are available in a number of different versions, including the classic, the new classic and the @collection (online only) too. Only the subtlest of differences can be seen throughout the different Wayfarer models, and prices range from £118-172.


Justin Timberlake wearing Wayfarers


Alternative Wayfarer style frames from Arlo Wolf – Boston

Here at Arlo Wolf, our Boston frames mirror the same style and sophistication of the original Wayfarer range, with half the price tag as that of the designer label!

For £65, you will be investing in quality Wayfarer style frames, including prescription lenses, anti-glare and anti-scratch coatings, along with an attractive glasses case and lens cloth. Our Boston frames are available in black and tortoise brown.

Top Tip: Our Boston collection are the perfect style for many different face shapes, including round, oval or heart-shaped faces. To find out more about which style of glasses would best suit your face shape, head over to our face shapes tool for more information.



This retro classic style of sunglasses are hugely popular all over the world. Featuring a strong brow-like frame, it’s the Clubmaster’s unique shape that provides a standout addition to any outfit, perfect for anyone wanting to make a statement.

Like the Wayfarer, Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster sunglasses come available in different versions, from the classic to the fleck, the wood to the aluminum – there’s even a folding version too!

Clubmasters are priced between £127 and £299, but we have the perfect alternatives for those with a smaller budget in mind.


Sophie Turner wears classic Clubmaster frames


Alternative Clubmasters from Arlo Wolf – Hawke

Find your perfect Clubmaster style frames in our Hawke range of prescription sunglasses. Sharing the same retro, brow-defining details of the original Clubmaster range, you’ll instantly make an impact with these fashionable frames.

The Hawke range of alternative Clubmasters here at Arlo Wolf are priced at £65 for a standard pair including prescription lenses or £95 for prescription mirror lenses – there’s also the additional option of having polarised or varifocal lenses for an additional £50. You’ll find them available in black, tortoise brown and blue mottle, with optional green, blue, silver, gold or indigo mirror lenses on offer too.


A true classic! The Ray-Ban Aviators were one of the first styles that the designer brand created, originally intended for US aviators in 1937. Consisting of large lenses and thin metal frames, the Aviator style is intended to provide complete comfort and a greater, much clearer scope of the world around you.

Today, Aviators from Ray-Ban are available in their classic sunglasses style, or with flash lenses, mirror lenses or gradient lenses. There’s even the outdoorsman, distressed and titanium collections available, as well as an optics version too. The entire Aviator range is priced between £124 and £444, but our budget-friendly Aviator alternatives will provide the same style for much less.


Allesandra Ambrosio sporting Aviator sunglasses


Affordable Aviators – Icons Cruz from Arlo Wolf

Get the classic Aviator look for much less, with the Icons Cruz collection here at Arlo Wolf. Sharing the same large lenses and thin metal frames you too can enjoy a comfortable pair of Aviator style glasses for a fraction of the cost.

Our Iconz Cruz collection offers Aviator style glasses in gold and silver frames, both priced at £65. There’s also the option to swap the standard lenses for mirrored lenses, as well as choosing to have polarised lenses or varifocals added in.

A pair of attractive prescription glasses or stylish prescription sunglasses doesn’t always have to come with a large price tag. Our affordable Ray-Ban alternatives are remarkably similar to the originals, and you’re bound to find a style to suit your own personal tastes from our extensive collection.