Tips for working out while wearing glasses

If you’re a glasses wearer that prefers not to wear contact lenses, working out can be a challenge – particularly if you’re a gym bunny. But don’t worry, we’ve put together this useful guide on working out while wearing glasses to help you out. Whatever your sport, we’ve covered a range of activities from running in glasses to wearing glasses in the gym, and tips on how you can keep your eyes and your specs protected.

Easy exercises for people with glasses

Everybody enjoys working out at a different pace and at different levels of strenuousness. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to exercising with glasses, but there are a few cardiovascular activities that allow you to keep doing what you love without worrying about wearing glasses.


People who wear glasses like to ride a pushbike for a variety of reasons. It’s low-impact and accessible, for starters, but with the right pair of glasses, it’s also a very easy sport to indulge in to keep fit.

Squash and tennis

Although these can seem to be a sure-fire way to drop and shatter your glasses, with the addition of a holder strap, you can carry on playing these racket sports indoors and outdoors with prescription sunglasses or glasses. 

Running and hiking

As the summer months are returning and life going back to normal, the number of people starting hiking clubs and attempting marathons are set to rise. Make sure you wear sunglasses and glasses on the track to shield yourself and your eyes from UV rays and strain. 

Whilst running in glasses might sound preposterous, if they fit correctly, you’d be surprised how easy it is to go running whilst wearing glasses. 

Our top glasses-wearing hacks for the gym

Go with lighter frames

This may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many people try working out while wearing their everyday glasses. Having a specific pair of glasses for activities is more hygienic and a lighter frame puts less strain on your face and nose. Take a look at our new arrivals, there are many light and sturdy frames that are ideal for working out in.

Cleaning cloth at the ready

Again, an obvious one, but by keeping a cleaning cloth in your gym bag you are maintaining the quality of your lenses. This makes working out a lot easier as you’re not constantly trying to rub the sweat off your face.

Grab an eyeglass holder strap 

These are very easy to get hold of and even easier to attach to your glasses. Having a strap in place will give you peace of mind knowing your glasses aren’t going to fall off whilst you’re completing that last 50KG bench press, or that last KM on the treadmill. 

Grab prescription goggles and sunglasses

If you’re an avid swimmer it might be worth looking into getting some prescription goggles, not just for competition time, but everyday lengths, too. 

Equally, if you do a lot of exercise outside, it might be worth getting a pair of prescription sunglasses in preparation for the warmer months. Shop our range of women’s and men’s prescription sunglasses and start enjoying working out in June! Remember it’s important to always get UV protection, read our guide to UV protection in sunglasses here.

Try contact lenses

Many people opt for contact lenses when working out, but it is important to note that when participating in water sports such as swimming then contact lenses are a definite no due to the risk of infection or even blindness. Contact lenses might be more useful in a gym environment or for long-distance running activities and cycling.

Most importantly, find frames that fit your face

Of course, getting a pair of frames that look good is important but they must be comfortable too. If you find your frames are continuously slipping off between sit-ups, then read our guide on how to tighten your glasses at home

At Arlo Wolf, we offer a try before you buy service which can help you decide between up to four pairs of prescription glasses or sunglasses. We also have an exclusive face shapes guide that allows you to determine whether your face shape suits the style of frame you’re after. 

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