Staying mentally and physically healthy during Covid-19

Mental Health during the pandemic

We’re one month into the coronavirus lockdown here in the UK and, although there appears to be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, it looks like we might be stuck indoors for a little while longer yet. Our team has been working from home for the past few weeks, fulfilling orders and answering your questions from the comfort of their own living rooms. 

Following social distancing rules is important to our team in order to protect ourselves, our customers and the wider public. With this in mind, we’d like to share with you our top self-isolation tips and social distancing advice to help you cope during the lockdown.

Keep in contact with your friends and family

Some of us are isolating alone, others with partners or family members. Whoever you’re isolating with, we’re all unable to see our wider family during this difficult time. Pick up the phone, you might make their day. Better yet, organise a group video chat and let the laughs roll in.

Develop a routine

Working from home can be a big shock to the system. All of a sudden, your morning routine is out the window and you’re crawling out of bed at 8:59 to start work at 9:00. During the coronavirus lockdown, we’ve grown to understand the importance of developing a routine. Routine is different for everyone, so find one that works for you and stick to it – from the moment you wake up in the morning to the minute you go to sleep. 

Treat yourself

Many of the things you do for fun may have been taken away from you for the time being – whether that’s playing a team sport or socialising with friends – but that doesn’t mean you can’t find new ways to enjoy yourself. Whether you look forward to a relaxing bubble bath on a Friday night or a nice glass of wine, it’s important to treat yourself while following social distancing rules.

Get regular exercise

It’s cliche, but it’s incredibly effective. It seems like everyone is getting their daily dose of exercise during the lockdown. If you’re not, it’s a real mood booster. Trust us. Whether you head out for a daily walk, jog or exercise from the comfort of your own home, just 30 minutes a day could have a positive impact on your physical and mental health.

Looking after your health is incredibly important at this time – don’t underestimate it. Don’t forget to take good care of your eye health too, particularly if you’re working from a computer for most of the day.

Eat right

Ice cream at 10 am is acceptable during the lockdown, right? While it’s important to treat yourself, eating the right foods consistently is also important. Spending more time at home might bring about temptations, but sticking to a healthy diet 90% of the time can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

Get lost in a story

A little bit of escapism is necessary from time to time and getting lost in a good book is a great place to start. Whether you’re a fan of indulging in a good biography or getting lost in a fiction thriller, our team has compiled a list of their favourite social isolation reads to help you out.

Talk about it

It’s okay to be worried about your health, a family member’s health or to simply have days when you’re fed up of staying indoors. We’re all human after all! If you’re having a bad day, talk about it. Pick up the phone, drop a friend a WhatsApp message or talk to the person you’re self-isolating with. A different perspective might change your view on the situation.

Use social media in the right way

Social media brings the good and the bad to our attention, but it can certainly have its benefits during a time like this. One of our top self-isolation tips is to utilise social media in the right way. There’s no need to limit your use if you enjoy using certain platforms, but instead, ensure you are surrounding yourself with positive information and influences where possible.

Social media is also a fantastic way to keep in touch with your friends, family and your favourite brands. Keep an eye on our Instagram page, we’re posting lots of positive content to help our followers out during the coronavirus pandemic.