How to remove scratches from your glasses

There’s nothing worse than when you put on your favourite pair of glasses, only to notice a tiny little mark on the lens or frame. And no matter how many times you try, or how hard you rub the scratch, it just won’t come off.

Besides being incredibly annoying, lens scratches obstruct your view when doing simple tasks such as reading or scrolling on your phone. Not only do they impact the quality of your vision, but they’re also a big safety issue when it comes to driving too.

Scratches on the frames can be equally as frustrating. Although these marks are not always noticeable when you’re wearing your glasses, they can build up over time until your specs look weathered and worn. Before you know it, you’ll end up buying a new pair of glasses due to a build-up of pesky scratches.

Finding out how to remove scratches from your glasses is a quick and easy fix that will have your precious specs looking as good as new. In this blog, we’ll look at how to remove scratches from both your lenses and frames, including some home methods you can try yourself.

Here’s how to get scratches out of glasses lenses

The toothpaste trick

One of the most common DIY methods for getting rid of scratches on your lenses is toothpaste. And while this hack does do wonders, you can’t just use any type of toothpaste.


Some types of toothpaste contain harsh chemicals that can damage the lens surface and actually end up eroding away any specialist treatments your glasses might have. If you follow this method, make sure you pick a toothpaste that’s non-gel, non-abrasive, and non-whitening.

Start by putting a small amount of toothpaste on your lens and rub it in using gentle circular motions. You can use your finger, if necessary – just make sure that you clean it afterwards! Then, using a damp cloth or microfiber cloth remove the toothpaste. That’s all there is to it!

Getting your lenses reglazed

While the toothpaste trick might remove some scratches, some larger marks might be left behind. If your glasses lenses are severely scratched then you can always get them reglazed. At Arlo Wolf, we can reglaze any frames – even if they’re not our own! We’ll simply replace the lenses in your current glasses with brand new, prescription lenses.

Better yet, our lenses are completely scratch-proof!

What to do if the scratches are on your frames, rather than the lenses

Getting rid of scratches on the frames is a little trickier. The best way to do this is to touch them up with a little paint to make the scratch less noticeable.

Make sure you protect your lenses before you start painting – either attempt to remove the lens yourself or cover them with some painter’s tape. Then, be sure to pick the right type of paint to suit the material of your glasses’ frames. For example, automotive paint markers are great for hiding scratches on glasses made from metal. On the other hand, you could use nail polish or spray paint for plastic materials.

Remember that there’s always a risk that you could end up damaging your glasses further by trying to fix them yourself.

How to prevent scratches on your glasses

When all else fails it might be time to buy yourself a new pair of glasses. At Arlo Wolf, all of our glasses come with anti-scratch and anti-glare lenses as standard, so you won’t have to worry about those pesky scratches anymore! 

We also offer a try before you buy service with which you can try on four frames from the comfort of your own home (and it’s free!) 

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