The effects of a wrong prescription for eye health

We understand that eye tests are often time consuming and inconvenient, but they are vital to understand what prescription to get. Getting the wrong prescription for your eyes can be detrimental to your eye health and cause a slew of problems that can exacerbate any pre-existing eye problems.

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Is it dangerous to wear the wrong prescription?

Wearing the wrong prescription glasses isn’t dangerous per say, but having a prescription that isn’t strong enough or is too strong can cause a plethora of eye health issues and unwanted and uncomfortable symptoms, such as eye pain, eye strain and blurred vision. It can also cause headaches. Here are the most common issues wearing the wrong prescription.

  1. Visual Discomfort: Wearing the wrong prescription can cause discomfort, headaches, and eyestrain. It can make it difficult to focus on objects, leading to visual fatigue.
  2. Reduced Visual Acuity: Wearing the incorrect prescription can result in blurred vision, making it challenging to see clearly at various distances. This can impact your ability to perform daily tasks and may pose risks in situations requiring precise vision, such as driving or operating machinery.
  3. Eye Strain: Incorrect prescriptions can cause your eye muscles to work harder than necessary, leading to eye strain. Prolonged eye strain may contribute to fatigue, redness, and irritation.
  4. Impaired Depth Perception: Wearing the wrong prescription can affect your depth perception, making it difficult to judge distances accurately. This impairment can be particularly dangerous in activities that require spatial awareness, such as driving or sports.
  5. Increased Risk of Accidents: If you have an incorrect prescription and engage in activities that require clear vision, such as driving, you may be at a higher risk of accidents and injuries.
  6. Exacerbation of Existing Eye Conditions: If you have underlying eye conditions, wearing the wrong prescription may worsen those conditions or interfere with ongoing treatments.

Many wrong prescription symptoms can occur; if you experience any symptoms of eye damage or pain while your eyes are first adjusting to the prescription, it’s time to see the optician again for a check-up.

Is my prescription wrong?

How do you know if your prescription is wrong? As we mentioned, if you’re experiencing symptoms of having the wrong prescription, such as headaches or blurred vision, and you find your eyes are more susceptible to strain or tiredness, chances are you’ve got the wrong prescription and it’s time for another eye test.

Additionally, if you have these symptoms while not wearing your glasses, it may be an unrelated condition or could be due to another eye-related condition, so it’s important to get any negative symptoms checked if they’re out of the ordinary or are particularly uncomfortable or problematic.

How to select the right prescription for you

Selecting the right prescription for your eyes is vital, and luckily, it’s pretty easy. Your prescription should be updated regularly with routine eye tests, and you can ensure it is correct by keeping a clear understanding of the type of prescription you usually receive. You may need to change the strength of your prescription, and to properly ensure you receive the correct prescription, it’s worth talking to an optometrist or other eye health professional.

The different types of lenses available 

There are many different lenses available for different types of eye conditions and vision types, from single vision lenses, which focus on one issue, to trifocal lenses, which can be used to correct three types of vision problems. Whatever is wrong with your vision, you can be assured that there are lenses that will be able to correct it. 

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