Summer Style Guide For Men

With the impending June heat wave causing most of us to rapidly switch out our long-sleeve shirts for t-shirts, it’s important to know what to wear and how to style your outfit to suit any upcoming occasions or events. 

Summer is one of the best seasons for style, as well as new sunglasses trends! Accentuate your shirt and shorts with a pair of stylish sunglasses for men. At Arlo Wolf, we’ve compiled a guide to the best summer holiday outfit ideas for men, including the current sunglasses and glasses trends. 

Be colourful 

During an intense heatwave, ditching your floral or yellow shirt for a black shirt may leave you regretting that decision later when you’re sitting, inside frantically fanning yourself and holding an ice pack to your face to cool down. Black absorbs heat, which means you’ll feel hotter quicker than if you’d just decided to wear that colourful shirt to begin with. Opt for white or a light colour instead. 

Prioritise comfort

Whether you’re going to a friend’s garden party, wedding or simply hacking at the overgrown weeds in your garden, it’s important to feel good while also looking good. If you wear a tight-fitting top or shorts, sooner or later you could get chafing or begin to sweat. Let your skin breathe in lightweight and airy fabrics like cotton. 

Outfit ideas to suit any occasion

The summer wedding

Choosing what to wear to a summer wedding may be a difficult choice, but smart/formal wear is a must for this type of occasion, however you don’t want to be standing in a garden in a black suit when it’s thirty degrees. Why not try a light coloured shirt and beige or tan trousers, and pair with a white or beige blazer. You may also find yourself rolling up your sleeves and undoing a few buttons after a couple of drinks. Pair the outfit with some stylish sunglasses like Cyrus Sun in Gold. 

The garden party

For men, it’s more difficult to look dressy in accordance with the weather, unless they’re wearing a full suit. However that might be a little impractical during a heatwave. Instead, stick to shirt-style button downs, a pair of light-coloured shorts and ditch the trainers for sandals or airy pumps. Throw on a denim jacket for reassurance if it’s likely to rain, and accentuate with a pair of sunglasses to not only protect your eyes but to round off your outfit in a stylish way. Try out new styles like Austin Sun in Gold for an on-trend stylish look!

The spontaneous game of five-aside

I’m sure we’ve all been there, your friend has spotted an inviting patch of grass and has roped you into abandoning your bottle of beer and your belongings, and kicking a ball around. You’re going to work up a sweat in no time, so opt for a lightweight polo shirt made of breathable fabric like cotton or linen, shorts made of material that isn’t too restrictive so you can move around, and some trainers. Of course, add a pair of sunnies to stop you from excessively squinting from the glare of the sun. Try Brees Sun in Tortoise for a casual yet practical look. 

The casual get-together

Whether you’re getting together for a friend’s birthday, a school reunion, or simply wanting to enjoy the weather, you’ll want to pitch your outfit somewhere between casual and smart. Now’s the time to bring out the button down shirt again, or perhaps a white polo shirt and shorts. Men’s summer shirts can be impacted by your choice of sunglasses. 

You don’t want to go for blackout sunglasses that make you look like one of the Blues Brothers. Instead, choose lighter frames or lens colours for a casual look that’s still on-trend, with Brees Sun again, or Brooklyn Sun with Gold/Grey lenses. Pair the outfit off with a pair of Vans or trainers. 

The midsummer work meeting 

Getting a call from your boss to come into work for a meeting in peak summer sounds a little inconvenient, as your work attire probably isn’t going to be very practical for the heat. You need to find an outfit that fits with the smart business attire, but also enables you to avoid overheating at your desk. Wear a smart polo shirt and tie, a pair of lightweight cotton chinos in a light colour, like beige or tan, and a pair of black or brown leather shoes. Keep it smart with Ari in Black or Tortoise, and if the meeting is outside, switch to Chase Sun in Black

Make the most of summer with Arlo Wolf

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