How to improve your eyesight

Why improving your eyesight is important

If you’ve noticed your vision deteriorating, perhaps you’re wondering if there are any ways in which you can improve your eyesight? Whether it be from ageing or eye-strain, strengthening your vision can make a real difference to the health of your eyes.

Here at Arlo Wolf, we’ve put together a how-to guide on some of the methods and ways you can try to improve your vision. Let’s dive in!

Why might your eyesight be deteriorating? 

There are so many different reasons as to why your vision might be bad. Some of these could include, but are not limited to:

  • Wearing the wrong type of prescription lenses
  • The natural ageing of your eyes
  • Eye diseases like cataracts 
  • Computer vision syndrome (aka staring at screens for too long)
  • Poor diet

How to improve eyesight

If you’re wondering how you can give your eyesight a boost, take a look at some ways to improve your vision:

Check the strength of your prescription lenses

One of the biggest causes of poor eyesight is from wearing the wrong strength of prescription for your glasses or contact lenses. This is especially true if you’ve had the same pair of glasses for a while, or if you’ve been putting off that all-important eye-check at the opticians. 

That’s why it’s always important to get regular check-ups, to make sure that you have the correct prescription lenses to suit your needs. Luckily for you, this doesn’t mean you have to chuck away your favourite pair of frames! At Arlo Wolf, we can reglaze any frames – even if they’re not our own! We’ll simply replace the lenses in your current glasses with brand new, prescription lenses.

Eat a nutritious diet

One of the best ways to improve your eyesight naturally is to give your eyes what they need to be healthy…aka nutritious food! Believe it or not, but that famous phrase about carrots helping you see in the dark isn’t as far-fetched as you might think – carrots actually contain antioxidants that can help prevent eye damage! 

But besides carrots, there are lots of other yummy fruits and vegetables that can boost your vision. Spinach and other leafy greens help to protect your eyes from UV rays, whereas blueberries reduce your risk of glaucoma and cataracts.

Do regular ‘eye exercises’

We know what you’re thinking…’how can you improve your eyesight with exercises?’ Believe it or not, but our eyes benefit from exercise just as much as our body can. Exercising your peripheral vision, or simply following the 20/20 rule can help to strengthen the muscles in your eyes and prevent straining. Try some of the exercises in this blog post to help to keep your eyes healthy and strong!

Invest in blue light lenses

If you find yourself straining your eyes from using your phone or laptop too much, and/or developing headaches as a result, then it’s time to invest in a pair of blue light glasses

These lenses can help to improve your vision and protect your eyes by filtering the blue light rays from the screen or device you’re using. At Arlo Wolf, you can add blue light lenses to any of our stylish frames.

Browse the collection of glasses from Arlo Wolf

From stylish frames to blue light lenses, Arlo Wolf has the perfect pair of glasses to suit you and your eyesight needs! You can browse the collection of glasses for women and glasses for men.

If you want to try blue light lenses but can’t choose which frames, then we’ve got you covered with our try before you buy service! Choose your four favourite frames, we’ll send them to you to try on at home, then you can decide the winner, it’s really that simple.