Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Which Are Truly Worth Making

After the year we have just endured, going into 2021 should be done in the right way, and fad diets or unachievable workout routines that we torture ourselves with just won’t cut it. Rather than looking at the new year as a time for self-infliction, consider the first few months and onwards as a reset – a time to introduce meaningful change. Find below some new year’s resolutions which are genuinely worth making, and ones to last you beyond January. 

Forget the strict plans of years past and introduce some powerful habits to improve your life in this new year – read on for more!

Minimalise the mess

How can we start our year right if our personal and digital spaces are cluttered? Embracing a touch of minimalism can work wonders for those of us who find our days encumbered by messy bedroom floors or overflowing closets. Start by visiting your wardrobe and consider throwing out any items you don’t wear or might be worn out (when we say throw away, we really mean recycle or donate). 

If you have been receiving a notification from Screen Time and are shocked by the hours you spend on your phone, embracing some digital minimalism might also be beneficial. To kick start your new clutter-free life, check out Netflix documentaries, The Minimalists, or Minimalism, to derive some inspiration. We’ve got blue light lenses to help with excess screen time, too!

New year, new journal

While the line between a journal and a diary can appear fine, there is a notable difference (pun intended). Journalling provides an outlet for thoughts and worries, allowing you to destress before, after or during a day of work, or address something which has been concerning you for a while and file it away neatly – like 2020! Using a journal also allows you to visualise your mind and explore ideas, like a new book, business or recipe. So, buy a beautifully bound journal and aesthetically-pleasing pen and start your journaling adventure. However, if you’re a bit of a technocrat, consider Day One or your native notes app to journal on your phone.

Check your checkups

New year’s resolution ideas don’t always have to be habits or regular routines; they can be one goal or task you intend to tick off early. While we look to lose a few pounds or dig out our running trainers, we might forget to consider our immediate health, like eye care. It is easy to go for years without getting your checkup, which can lead to eye strain issues if it turns out you have been using the wrong prescription after all. 

It is recommended that your eyes are tested every two years. If it turns out your prescription has changed, our glasses reglazing service is an excellent way to revitalise your favourite frames. Otherwise, why not treat yourself to a new pair of specs? Check out our range of prescription glasses for women, as well as our prescription glasses for men and try before you buy.

So, for your health new year’s resolution in 2021, start with something small and achievable and book your eye examination.

Workout with wellness

Come January, we introduce vigorous workout routines, maybe to lose weight, maybe to tone up. However, these routines can be far too over facing and leave us more stressed than when we start due to a lack of progress. Running is too frequently on the agenda, so if that doesn’t work for you, try yoga. There are plenty of videos on YouTube which can help, or if you are looking to track your activity with Apple Watch, check out Fitness+. Pairing wellness with exercise is an important approach to new year’s resolutions health, especially in times like these.

Your new year’s hydration

From liquid diets to keto, switching up your menu can be too much of a shock to the system. If you are looking to improve your intake but with something more manageable, consider starting with your hydration. Ensuring that you drink enough water is vital to stay healthy. The Eat Well guide suggests that you drink 6 to 8 glasses of fluid a day, and if you believe that you currently drink less than that, it might be worthwhile making this one of your new year’s resolutions.

Learn a language – ¿Por qué no?

If working on your fitness or wellness is not your thing; workout your mind by learning a new language instead. If you have been dreaming of speaking Japanese, Spanish or even Hungarian now is a great time. However, as there are fewer opportunities to travel, bear in mind that you might not have a chance to practice. So, why not learn a computer language! Learning how to code will allow you to spend time on personal projects like building an app or developing a game – See how far you come by this time next year!

Healthy new year’s resolutions are not about pressuring yourself to look or feel better, they are opportunities to reflect on yourself and implement small changes to start the year in the right way. For 2021, why not pick up one of these resolutions and see how you go…

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