10 of the best glasses-friendly Halloween costumes

Glasses-friendly Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, meaning it is time to start thinking about your costume. Halloween masks for glasses wearers are particularly difficult to use – they often cause your glasses to steam up, they’re uncomfortable to wear over your glasses and you run the risk of losing your glasses when you have to precariously balance them on the outside of your mask.

Of course, there’s an additional challenge in all this. COVID-19 means that our Halloween antics will have to be strictly homebound (there may be slight variations in this and it will likely depend on your own area’s restrictions). Whether or not you’ll be with your family enjoying Halloween safely, or logging on with your friends for a virtual Halloween party, we’ve got all the glasses-friendly Halloween costumes you could think of.

When thinking of dressing up as your favourite television show personality or horror film character, your glasses can sometimes get in the way or affect the authenticity of your costume. After all, since when did Michael Myers wear glasses and why would a skeleton need to wear spectacles to see? Not to worry though – there’s an array of amazing Halloween costumes out there that are perfect for pairing your glasses with.

To help you decide what to dress up as this Halloween this year, find out more about our top 10 glasses-friendly costumes.

Top 10 Halloween costumes for glasses wearers

1. Velma from Scooby Doo

Jinkies! Well, it wouldn’t be Halloween without one of the Scooby Doo cast! Often heard saying “My glasses! I can’t see without my glasses!”, Velma from Scooby-Doo is one of our favourite female characters with glasses. A simple outfit to replicate – all you will need is an orange turtleneck jumper, a red skirt and a brown bob hairstyle or wig.

If you already wear square-framed glasses, you’re already on your way to completing the Velma look – so try out this classic Halloween look today!

2. James Bond

This Autumn, he’ll return to the big screen, and boy, does he look awesome! Dress yourself up like Daniel Craig’s alter ego in No Time to Die, in his final performance as James Bond. Be the flashiest Bond in the club with a sleek pair of sunglasses and a well-tailored suit for this swan song, which is guaranteed to leave us wanting more.

3. Alex from Orange is the New Black


If you’re a glasses wearer and a fan of Orange is the New Black, going as Alex Vause this Halloween is a great option. All you will need is a beige or orange prison-style jumpsuit which you should have no problem finding at most fancy-dress costume shops. Then you just need to put on your black-framed glasses and the “don’t mess with me” attitude Alex has throughout the show.

4. Motolov Girl from Free Guy

Jodie Comer has blessed our screens with her addictive acting in the last few years, and inspired many outfits from her time as Villanelle in Killing Eve. This year she makes her debut on the big screen with Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy Movie. Dress up as the iconic pair and save the world together this Halloween!

5. Bee

A fun and easy to do costume, you’ll be the queen bee of the Halloween party! Dressing up as a bee also gives you an excuse to break out your striped yellow and black clothing from your cupboard. Buy some bee ears and a set of wings from your local fancy dress shop and you’re ready to fly. You can use thick-rimmed, black round frame glasses which will fit in perfectly with your bee look.

6. Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter

Wanting to wear a ghoulish outfit this Halloween but struggling to find a ghostly glasses-wearing character? Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets gives you an excuse to break out your school uniform. Whilst the film is almost two decades old – Moaning Myrtle is to this day one of the film’s most memorable characters.

You’ll need a blazer, school tie, black shoes, a knee-length pleated skirt, horn-rimmed glasses and brown pigtails (or a wig!). The rest of the look is down to make-up to give you that ghostly and pale complexion, but you can take it one step further by also investing in a toilet seat – just make sure it’s a clean one!

7. Edna Mode from The Incredibles 1 and 2

This has to be one of our favourite female cosplay characters with glasses. To get the Edna Mode look, you’ll need a black dress with a fluorescent pink V-neck (or you can wear a black top with a fluorescent pink V-neck underneath a black blazer), black leggings and black high heels. For your hair, you’ll either need to get a black bob with a blunt fringe hairstyle or a wig if you don’t want to change your hairstyle. Invest in a cheap cigarette holder and use your thick oversized rimmed circular frames to complete your Edna Mode look.

The most eccentric fashion designer in the world dressing up as Edna has the added advantage of being able to criticise anyone dressed in a cape, letting them know in true Edna-style that capes don’t help superheroes in any way.

8. Guess Who? Game Piece

This is a great costume idea for couples or a group. Whether you’ve got square, oversized or cats eye framed glasses, you can express your individuality no matter what frames you have.

Cut out a cardboard frame and add ‘Guess who?’ in white letters along the top of the frame, along with your name below. It’s a simple and great costume to put together should you get invited to a last-minute Halloween costume party – just make sure to wear identifiable objects like your glasses, a hat and earrings or a moustache.

9. Clark Kent

A classic and one of the most popular cosplay ideas for guys with glasses. It’s time to practise whipping off your glasses in true Clark Kent style. It’s a simple but timeless costume – all you need is a superman t-shirt under your shirt, tie and suit. Leave your shirt slightly unbuttoned to reveal your superman t-shirt and then it’s time to go up, up and away!

10. Mateo from Superstore

Since its release in 2015, NBC’s Superstore has offered comfort for many of us over the last year, easy to watch, funny, and relatable if you’ve ever worked with the general public! This year, why not dress up as the beloved, quirky character Mateo, all you need to complete the outfit is a nice cosy jumper, a blue supermarket vest and a name badge. 

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