Halloween costume ideas 2022

Halloween costume ideas for glasses wearers

How is October here already? The year is whizzing by but the best thing about this time of year is the different seasonal events that come along with it. First up is Halloween and that means you need a costume. You might be thinking about a costume that everybody’s going to recognise this year, so here are our best Halloween costumes for 2022.

Since we’re an eyewear company, we’re doing Halloween costumes with glasses. For glasses wearers, a pumpkin mask or elaborate zombie face makeup just might not be practical. With each costume idea we’re going to give some eyewear recommendations to pair with our outfit ideas just like we did last year.

90’s Goth

With the rise in popularity of 90’s fashion and celebrities trying out the goth aesthetic, this year many people will be opting for the fashionable goth aesthetic. Think The Craft, smoky eyeliner and chokers. A really good source of inspiration this year will be Wednesday Addams with the excitement building for the Netflix series ‘Wednesday’, which is out just after Halloween. 

It’s an easy outfit to pull off and can be paired really nicely with a black oval frame such as Ari in Black.

Hopper, Stranger Things

Due to its popularity, this year many people will be heading to Halloween parties in their best ‘Stranger Things’ inspired looks. Our suggestion is going as Hopper in his signature chief of police outfit from early on in the series. Don the beige overalls, distinct cowboy hat and then add a pair of Brooklyn prescription sunglasses in tortoise gold to complete the outfit.

Elvis and Priscilla 

After the popularity of the ‘Elvis’ film this year, we think many people will be bringing back a classic Elvis look, but here we’re suggesting a couples costume idea instead. You can go as Elvis and Priscilla by finding an outfit that reflects one of their signature looks from moments they were photographed together. 

For Elvis, think about trying to find an iconic 70’s suit, get your hair quiffed and carry a cigar in your mouth. For Priscilla, go for baby doll eyeliner, mod fashion and a beehive. During this time in fashion, people loved square frames like our Lennox or Caleb range.

Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch was on everybody’s minds last year after the successful Disney Plus series. This year she was back on the big screen and people could not get enough of the villain. Her signature red headpiece and cape is going to be spotted this Halloween season. It’s a very inspired outfit to pull off that will impress people, just imagine you turn up in the outfit and you’ve got a pair of eco frames to match.


Get ahead of next year’s Halloween trends because everybody is excited to see Margot Robbie take up the role of Barbie in 2023. Barbie has so many iconic outfits to choose from, and in many of them she’s wearing glasses herself. If you’re opting for a classic outfit, like the one Margot Robbie will be wearing in the film, look for a pair of glasses in pink that complements the outfit.

The Hulks

‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ is currently airing and it’s changing the way people might be thinking about doing a Hulk inspired Halloween costume. In this series, The Incredible Hulk himself is no longer in ripped purple pants and smashing things. Instead he’s doing science, dressing casually and wearing a pair of black rectangular frames

Alternatively, She-Hulk is often wearing a grey suit in the series which would work nicely with a pair from our Archer range. For both of these costumes, you’d need some green face paint!

Squid Game player

If you can find yourself a green tracksuit, a really fun idea this year might be to go as a Squid Game player. Earlier this year, everyone couldn’t stop talking about the Netflix show. Remember to assign yourself a player number which can be sewed onto your tracksuit. Then why not add a pair of glasses to match the tracksuit?

Get your new frames for Halloween 

We’re really passionate about our eco range and would love to see this as part of a sustainable Halloween costume. Can you make a sustainable costume with some eco frames? Think recycled materials or repurposing some old outfits that you no longer wear.

We have a range of affordable styles and designs available for men and women to go with your Halloween costume. Go have a browse of our new arrivals to see some of our newer styles. 

It’s always worth remembering that at Arlo Wolf we want to make sure you’re happy with your frames, which is why we offer a Try Before You Buy Service which means you can get up to four frames delivered for free for you to try on, helping you choose the perfect pair for  the spooky season.