Eco friendly fashion guide

Eco style guide

We understand the importance of eco fashion, and with rising climate awareness and society slowly moving away from fast fashion, we have created this guide on where and how to get the best eco-friendly fashion pieces. The guide also explains how to pair our new eco-friendly glasses range and more importantly why it’s crucial to get rid of your big-brand online shopping apps and switch to pre-loved fashion websites for your latest fashion hit. 

Why is it important to shop eco-friendly?

Fast fashion is on its way out, thanks to growing awareness of the industry and the materials involved in creating fashion items. These materials can be extremely harmful to the environment, as synthetic fibres and materials used in textiles can be made with harmful chemicals that can be dispersed into waste. There are also materials that are non-biodegradable and non-recyclable, which also destroy the environment.

What materials should we look out for in our clothes?

Man-made fabrics like polyester and nylon are especially harmful, as they release chemicals into the air and are non-biodegradable. You’ll also want to watch out for materials like acrylic and viscose. It’s best to opt for eco-friendly fashion materials like cotton and linen, which are both made from natural materials and produce little to no harmful chemicals into the environment. Upon purchasing clothes from shops or online stores, you can read the product description or the label, which usually tells you the percentage of materials the clothing item is made from. 

Arlo Wolf Eco collection

Our eco-collection includes frames that are made from recycled materials, and the lens cloths that come with the glasses are made entirely of recycled plastic bottles. We also make sure that the packaging we use is plant-based and recyclable. 

Our eco collection glasses come in a variety of frame colours, from simple black to more adventurous patterns and colours, such as Forest Eco in Tortoise, or Willow Eco in Red. So, what outfits could you pair your new eco-glasses with? If you want to really make your mark in the eco-fashion world, you could wear these glasses with an outfit made entirely of sustainable materials. That way you could look good but also feel good about yourself, as you would be contributing to a more sustainable planet while simultaneously rocking some seriously cool new glasses.

Our Forest Eco in Black would go great with a patterned top or trousers, as would our Phoenix Eco in Grey, due to the simplicity of the colours of frames. Alternatively, our Forest Eco in Tortoise and Willow Eco in Red would pair best with a more neutral or plain coloured outfit, to avoid any patterns or colours clashing with the frames.

Where to find sustainable fashion?

Nowadays, some big name fashion brands are starting to edge more into sustainable fashion, and may feature a vintage or preloved section in their store. However, the places we feel are best to find some great sustainable fashion pieces are websites like Depop, Vinted and Etsy. Buying pre-loved clothing and also selling your old and unwanted fashion pieces are great ways to make your shopping habits more sustainable.

More from Arlo Wolf

You can shop our entire eco-collection, as well as our regular women’s and men’s glasses collection on our website. We also stock a large collection of sunglasses, and we feature a helpful try before you buy service, which you can use to determine how a pair of glasses will look on you before you buy them. You can also upgrade to our blue light glasses which can help to protect your eyes from glaring screens.