Best places to read for your eye health

It’s a well known fact that reading on old fashioned paper is beneficial for your eyes. In a world dominated by screens and online spaces, it can be easy to cast aside paper books in favour of social media. As British Summer Time has just arrived, we thought it apt to recommend the best places to kick back with a book, whilst improving your eye health.

At Arlo Wolf, we’ve compiled this guide on the best places to read for your eye health. This includes a range of places from outdoor reading spots to cosy indoor nooks. Are you heading on a Spring holiday? Be sure to check out our collections of men’s and women’s sunglasses before you go. 

Outdoor reading

As the weather gets warmer, the idea of reading outdoors becomes all the more appealing, with outdoor cafes to park benches being particular favourites. As the days are staying lighter for longer, we’re sure you’ll want to head to the park for a late afternoon reading session.

Did you know that reading outdoors can actually improve your eye health? This is because the natural light helps to prevent eye strain that you can get from poorly lit indoor rooms. It can also help to improve eye focus and concentration. 

A recent study states that daylight can help our eyes in numerous ways. From improving the performance of our eyes and our eyesight to even improving our sleep. It’s safe to say that natural light is the best option for reading. 

TLDR: The article provides a comprehensive analysis of daylight’s effects in built environments, focusing on its superior visual performance, health benefits, and energy efficiency compared to electric lighting. It explores daylight’s dynamic spectral characteristics and its role in circadian rhythm regulation, psychological well-being, and vitamin D production. The paper also discusses daylight’s influence on room appearance and comfort, emphasising the need for further research to quantify its diverse benefits fully and explore its interaction with electric lighting.

You may want to opt for reading glasses, which are glasses that are specifically designed to focus your vision and make it easier to see things up close. Why not try out one of the many frames we offer? From neutral coloured Brook in Clear Crystal and Banks in Gold, to the more statement Bobbi in Purple or Finn in Tortoise.

Best places to read indoors

Reading indoors may be many people’s first choice, especially due to the unpredictable weather this time of year offers. Sitting in a warm cafe or library, or in bed with the warm glow of nightlight sounds very appealing. What’s more, sitting in a quiet place can actually help you process information better than a place with a busier atmosphere

However, artificial light that tends to be in indoor spaces like libraries can cause you to strain your eyes more than the outdoors. If this is the case, we’d recommend getting yourself a pair of blue light glasses. These nifty little things can help protect your eyes from the harsh ultraviolet light that emits from blue light. Blue light mostly comes from phones and laptops, and these specialist lenses can even help protect your eyes when using a reading light, helping prevent headaches.

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Why protecting your eye health is important

Nowadays, it can be difficult to fully protect your eyes from blue light, given the current digital age we live in. Excessive use of screens can actually cause vision problems as a result of computer vision syndrome. Computer vision syndrome can cause numerous eye health problems, especially in younger people. This is why you should take measures to ensure your eyes are as healthy as possible, and take measures to help fix any vision problems. 

We’d recommend blue light glasses, as they can help protect against CVS and headaches caused by vision problems. If you have unwanted or negative vision problems, make sure you visit an optometrist. They can diagnose any vision problems and prescribe lenses to help. If you’ve fallen out of love with reading due to your vision not being as good as it could be, you’ll soon be on your way to picking up your favourite reads again. 

Improve your eye health once and for all with Arlo Wolf

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