We Asked Some of our Customers for Comments

A few weeks ago we reached out to some of our customers at Arlo Wolf to hear about their experience buying glasses online. Of course these customers are part of our list that has agreed to receive emails from Arlo Wolf.

3 Comments about Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Shopping for prescription glasses at Arlo Wolf was an absolute breeze, offering a delightful blend of convenience and style. The “try before you buy” or home trial feature truly set this experience apart. Selecting four frames online, I eagerly awaited their arrival. When the neatly packaged box arrived, it felt like opening a treasure chest of eyewear possibilities. Trying them on at home allowed me to pair each frame with different outfits, making the decision-making process not just easy but enjoyable. Consulting with family and friends over a cuppa added a touch of social fun to the experience. Arlo Wolf has seamlessly combined modern convenience with a classic touch, ensuring that choosing the perfect pair of glasses is as stylish as the frames themselves.

Arlo Wolf’s approach to buying prescription glasses online is refreshingly relaxed and personal. Opting for the “try before you buy” home trial, I received a thoughtfully curated box containing four frames. Trying them on at home transformed the entire process into a laid-back and enjoyable affair.  The home trial feature adds a touch of warmth to the typically transactional world of online shopping. It’s not just about buying glasses; it’s about crafting a personal style, and Arlo Wolf has mastered the art of making it easy, comfortable, and uniquely. Needless to say I have bought several times after that. Matt the founder has personally answered some emails and provided some insights on how to best buy for my face shape.

A game-changer for the tech-savvy fashionista! Arlo Wolf made it so easy to buy glasses online. Opting for the “try before you buy” home trial option was like stepping into the future of eyewear retail. Selecting four frames through their user-friendly website was a breeze, and the real magic happened when the frames arrived. Of course they are just frames without prescription but that’s ok. I just wanted to test them to see how they looked on me with different looks and gather opinions from my girlfriends via WhatsApp calls. I have referred minimum one my friends to Arlo Wolf after she saw the prescription glasses via the video call. For a brief moment I remember feeling like Carrie from Sex & the City. That feeling comes back to me now as I am writing this review. Perhaps it will appear on the website and I consider myself published 😀 I would definitely use again and rate it 5 stars.

More Feedback

We are always looking to improve the whole experience on buying glasses online so if you got any feedback you want to share please reach out to us at info@arlowolf.com.

Did the above make you feel like trying some glasses at home? Then please feel free to order 4 pair risk free. Read more about home trial service here.