Blue light glasses review: do they work?

The main reason many people are turning to blue light glasses post-pandemic is to reduce eye strain from continuous screen time. Working from home has had an immense impact on our eye health, with many complaining of increased headaches and eye tension. So as more of us hunt for glasses to protect our eyes from screens, will they really help?

We asked Arlo Wolf customers who spend a lot of time working with screens to review our blue light lenses, to see if they really made a difference. Here’s what they said:

Customer blue light glasses reviews

Georgia has worked from home ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic

“I’ve been working from home since March 2020 and spending way more time in front of my computer than I normally would. I wasn’t really having any breaks or going outside, so I just couldn’t switch off after my shift had finished.” 

While electronic devices make our lives easier in many ways, they also have the potential to disturb our circadian cycle. The interruption of the circadian rhythm impacts not only melatonin and sleep patterns, but also the amounts of other chemicals that influence our feelings and moods, such as dopamine and serotonin, resulting in depressive disorders and anxiety.

I found myself with itchy eyes, headaches and struggling to get to sleep at night after working all day and then going on my phone at night. After adding blue light lenses to my prescription glasses, I felt so much better! I was getting to sleep quicker at night and I definitely noticed my eyes weren’t feeling as strained after work.”

“Taking my glasses off after work has also helped me with my work/life balance, once the glasses are off I don’t think about work until the next day! I would recommend them to anyone who struggles with headaches and sleeping.”

Blue light lenses, also known as digital media lenses, are effective in limiting the amount of blue light that can enter the eye. Blue light filtering glasses can improve your focus and lessen eye strain, making your eyes feel less weary and increasing your productivity. If you can, you should also try to take regular breaks from screens throughout the day and try not to go on your phone an hour before you plan to go to sleep.

Ellie has Harrison in Gold frames with blue light lenses


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“My job is very desk based, I noticed I was starting to get headaches and not sleeping as well as I used to. Staring at a computer for 8 hours a day, plus using my phone and watching TV in the evening was really taking its toll on me, even when I tried taking regular breaks.”

“After trying blue light lenses my eyes feel much less fatigued and strained, the glasses fit great and look so good!”

Affordable blue light glasses from Arlo Wolf

You can add blue light lenses to any of our stylish glasses for women and glasses for men, it’s a no brainer if you’ve been suffering from some of the symptoms we’ve seen above. Find out more about the benefits of blue light glasses and if blue light glasses can reduce headaches in our recent blogs for more information. 

So you want to try blue light lenses but can’t choose which frames? We’ve got you covered with our try before you buy service! Choose your four favourite frames, we’ll send them to you to try on at home, then you can decide the winner, it’s really that simple. We’ve also got a handy face shapes guide which can help you figure out which frames will look best on you.

We hope the reviews of our blue light glasses have answered all your questions concerning if they really work, all you’ll have to do now is see for yourself!

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