5 health tests to get in 2020

Health tests for 2020

As our working lives get busier and we try with all our might to maintain some kind of social schedule, our personal health can often take a backseat. We’re all just so busy! Pair that with the infamously stiff upper lip that we Brits have, and it’s no wonder that we resist going to the doctor’s so much.

However, we need to find the time to look after ourselves. All it takes is a health test every so often! You could make it part of your New Year’s resolution! Here are 5 health tests that you should take during 2020.

Get your blood pressure checked

According to Blood Pressure UK, we should all have a blood pressure of below 120 over 80 (120/80). This level brings about a much lower risk of heart disease or stroke. If your family have a history of high blood pressure or your lifestyle is a cause of some concern, you should definitely get a blood pressure test arranged with your GP.

It’s recommended that you should have a blood pressure test at least every two years, starting at 20 years of age.

Enquire when your next mammogram test is

A mammogram is a test that screens for breast cancer, and it works by compressing the breasts between plates so that X-ray images can capture any abnormalities. The risk of breast cancer increases with age, which is why all women aged between 50 and 71 are invited for a mammogram screening every three years.

There have been calls for mammograms to be taken at a younger age as cases are not rare among younger people. We suggest that you check your breasts on a regular basis. Take a look at this NHS guide for more information.

Keep an eye on your cholesterol

We should all keep a close eye on our cholesterol, especially for the sweet-toothed out there. A blood cholesterol test (otherwise known as a lipid panel or profile) reports on the condition of your total cholesterol. This includes your LDL cholesterol (which is ‘bad’) and your HDL (this is your ‘good’ cholesterol).

High levels of cholesterol and LDL increase the risk of heart disease and strokes, so it’s really important. Keep that cholesterol in check! 

Please don’t overlook your sexual health

Forgive us if we’re nagging, but nobody really wants to talk about it so we’re bringing it up here. It’s never been easier to have an STI check, and the NHS has plenty of information and resources. There’s almost certainly a sexual health centre near you. You can even get kits sent to your home – you’ll get your results in days!

It’s time to fight the taboo and bring it into everyday discussion. If you’re sexually active and think you should get checked, please don’t hesitate. We’re all adults here!

You can’t put it off forever – get your eyes tested!

For whatever reason, lots of us tend to avoid eye tests. This could lead to all kinds of symptoms and vision problems, so if you’re having trouble then the quicker you get an eye test the better. 

You’d be surprised at the kinds of things that an eye test can reveal. It’s not just the quality of vision! Eye tests can identify everything from muscular breakdown to more serious head illnesses.

The quest for 2020 vision in 2020

This is quite literally the only time we could make the above pun, so forgive us. 2020 is the year you start looking after your eyes, and we can help. We have a wide range of glasses available, including men’s optical glasses and women’s too. 

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